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Janet Jackson Concert

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Janet Jackson Tickets - Latest Tour Dates

Janet Jackson Tickets are available now for her latest concert tour dates. The Janet Jackson tour features nearly ninety tour dates, with concerts in various cities, such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Santiago and Nashville. The tour has been so far described as 'tremendous', with a Janet displaying a kind of 'unforgettable superhuman permanence' at her live shows. Don't miss this queen of pop's shows – get your ticket for the Janet Jackson Tour now!

Janet Jackson Concert Tickets

Janet Jackson's Musical Career

One of the most renown and influential entertainer of the modern era is Janet Jackson. She is one of the best-selling artists in contemporary history. Janet is a younger sister of Michael Jackson. She has released an array of multi-platinum albums such as ‘The Velvet Rope’ and ‘Unbreakable’. Janet was born on May, 16th 1966 in Gary, Indiana. She has received numerous accolades as an actor, producer and singer as well. She recently acquired the NAACP Best Supporting Actor Award.

Early Career

Her first on stage was in April 1974, which she was singing and doing different impressions along with her brother Randy in Las Vegas. In 1976, she had an opportunity to appear on 'the Jacksons', which was a summer replacement television show. Her generous performance earned the attention of a producer who hired her to play Penny; it was a regular television comedy series; thus from 1977 until 1979.She continued to serve for her television work in the short-lived A new Kind of Family in 1979 and the teen drama fame that was based in the New York City.

Topping the Charts

With the full guidance of her loving brother, Janet was able to score her first success in 1986 with her latest song controlling first eight million copies that were sold globally. Her number one single song “When I Think of You” was nominated for three Grammy awards and nine American Music Awards. Her stage presence assured styles and dancing abilities were all showcased in her videos.

Success and Controversies

Recently, Janet decides to change the way music producers experience in her concert. For instance, music owners tend to receive special codes by giving them VIP tickets access, thus for a private glimpse and backstage view. Besides, she also created an opportunity to receive private messages to her before and after the concert. The unprecedented access to such live events has never been attempted for any music producers.

Janet Jackson is still and always will be the most pop singer globally. She is loved for her best moves and perfect lyrics.

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