How To Buy Tickets Safely Online

How to Buy Tickets Safely Online

So, your favorite artist is visiting your town and you’ve decided not to miss the show…

One of the first things to think about is to see if presale tickets are available, so that you get the best possible seating position in the audience before they sell out. There’s nothing worse than finding that the only available seats are situated right behind a speaker stack, or a mile away from the stage!

With this in mind, many people find it ideal to buy their concert tickets online – it’s quick and easy, with ticket prices easy to compare in order to find the best deal on seats. However, security concerns have led many to seek assistance while choosing from which websites to buy tickets.

Here is a guide that details what you should do, and the things that you should watch out for in order to buy tickets safely online;

Check Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback is vital as it helps you to learn about sellers and some of the things to avoid while dealing with them.

Take time to research about the seller and the experiences of different people who have bought tickets from them. One negative review here and there is to be expected, but if the negatives start to out weight the positives then you should probably think about looking elsewhere!

Check the Ticket Listing Carefully

Most scammers when they list tickets offer vague details that are not easily verifiable. Take note of the way information about the tickets has been presented. Does the website have a clear floorplan showing you the exact location of the seats? Are the seats you’re planning to buy next to each other, or at other ends of the venue? These are all things to look out for, and questions to ask before you make your purchase. If the seller has offered inadequate or confusing information it could mean that they’re hiding something crucial. In which case, it’s advisable to move on to somewhere else.

Check the Refund Policy

Check to ensure the refund policy offered does not make it difficult for the buyer to recover money if the seller fails to deliver tickets. This is particularly important if you are buying from what’s known as a ‘secondary market’ seller, although such sellers are where the best deals are normally to be found, with most of them being totally reliable when it comes to such things. A good reputation is the most important factor in this case, and you should also be looking for some kind of guarantee that the tickets will turn up on time, and that they will also be the seats you ordered.

Check Company Details

Legit companies will be showing a postal address and be easily contactable, normally by email, and telephone. Companies that are registered will also bear a full company title. With this, you can easily search for information about the company in one of the online databases should you wish to find out more about them.

Working with such a company will mean that you’re able to easily claim a refund if the tickets are delayed or not delivered. It is also easier to make legal follow up in case the company breaches any part of the sales agreement.

Check for SSL

Always check that the website, or at the very least the checkout is protected by an SSL certificate. Details of the SSL cert will normally display in the top left hand side of the web address field on your browser, with the url prefixed with HTTPS – the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’. This is very important because if you pass your credit card details to the merchant via a non-secure connection they could be intercepted and stolen.

Ask Friends and Relatives

Among your friends and relatives there will normally be someone who has bought tickets before, perhaps Hamilton on Broadway tickets or another show in the theater, or maybe a concert, or sporting event. Consult with them to find out about websites that are reliable and good to deal with. It is very unlikely a friend or relative will refer you to a scammer, so you’re much safer with this option. Once you get the URL, you can also perform search to verify whether the details relayed by your friends who decided to buy concert tickets online are true and trustworthy.

Anyway, we hope you’ve found this guide informative and helpful as a general overview of buying tickets online safely and without unnecessary hassle.

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