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Phantom of the Opera

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Phantom of the Opera tickets are available to buy now! 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of this Andrew Lloyd Webber masterpiece, which has gone on to earn over $5 billion at the box office worldwide and has been seen by over 130 million people. Is it really three decades since the musical version of Phantom of the Opera first captivated audiences?

Phantom of the Opera Tickets

About Phantom of the Opera

Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission of 15 minutes.

Audience: All ages.

Advisory: Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theater.

Box office revenue has surpassed all other movies and stage productions. Such huge numbers stand as a test of the magic created by this compelling tale, and it's a fair assumption that some people have loved it so much they saw it twice, perhaps even again and again.

It's a testament to the pull of the production that it has been playing continuously at Her Majesty's Theatre in London since its very first performance in 1986. And it's not just audiences that love the show. 'Phantom' has been the deserving recipient of countless awards, including Olivier Awards and Tony Awards.

'Phantom' has set a number of records, including being the first performance to reach 10,000 on Broadway and the longest-running Broadway show. It has been performed in theaters around the world, with audiences from Buenos Aires to Basel being mesmerized by such beautiful songs as 'All I Ask of You' and 'The Music of the Night'.

Indeed, it has reached a truly international audience, being performed as far afield as China and Thailand, proving that this timeless tale holds a fascination for all cultures. It's been translated into 13 languages, although you don't need to understand the language to be able to appreciate the beautiful songs and spectacular sets.

Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a mysterious disfigured man and the singer he becomes obsessed with making into a star. Leroux's fascination with the world of theater led him to create a story that would go on to become the subject of several movies.

Fans of the Phantom should catch the 1926 silent version that made Lon Chaney Jr. a star. But the best way to experience this dramatic tale is, of course, live on stage.

When you consider that the touring version requires a whopping twenty seven trucks to transport the set, you can appreciate just how much effort goes into fashioning the world of the Phantom. So let yourself be drawn into this compelling tale and fall in love with the songs - you're sure to have a wonderful evening.

The Phantom of the Opera Plot (Spoiler Alert!)


1905: A theatrical props auction is under way in the Opéra. Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, buys lots 665 and 666: a music box, and a shattered chandelier. The chandelier lights up and magically rises to the rafters. This brings the Opéra back to the 1880's.

Act I

1881: As soprano Carlotta rehearses, scenery falls and the cast whisper of the ‘Phantom’. Carlotta storms off-stage and Madame Giry suggests that Christine could sing Carlotta's role.

Raoul visits his childhood friend Christine. Christine confides that the angel of music has taught her to sing. Raoul invites her to dinner and leaves. The Phantom appears in Christine's mirror; she asks him to show himself.

He takes her to his lair and wants Christine to sing his music. She faints, awakening to the sound of a music box. Slipping behind the Phantom she unmasks his deformed face and he confesses his love for her.

Back in the Opéra house, stage hand Buquet tells tales of the Phantom. A note from the Phantom demands that Christine replace Carlotta or there will be a terrible disaster. Carlotta sings but her voice is reduced to a croak by the Phantom during her first performance. Buquet’s body falls from the rafters and the Phantom's laughter rings out.

On the roof Christine meets Raoul who swears to protect and love her, the Phantom hears and vows revenge: the chandelier falls to the stage.

Act II

Six months later the Phantom appears at a masquerade ball demanding his opera be sung by Christine. Christine, fiancée of Raoul has her engagement ring seized by the Phantom and he vanishes in smoke. During rehearsals Christine visits her father’s grave and is almost captivated by the Phantom but Raoul rescues her.

Christine realizes on opening night that she is singing with the Phantom and rips off his mask. He seizes Christine and flees to his lair. Raoul is captured by the Phantom and will only be released if Christine will stay behind. Christine compassionately kisses him and the Phantom sets them both free and covering himself with his cape vanishes.

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