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Get your Hamilton Tickets now – Don’t miss this Broadway box office smash! This critically acclaimed musical ‘Hamilton’ tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, following the life of the nation’s founding father through song – from his early beginnings as an orphan, through to his time as a politician. It was inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton and even won a Drama Desk award in 2015 for its outstanding musical brilliance. Get your ticket for the Hamilton on Broadway musical now!

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About Hamilton On Broadway

Hamilton is a musical that tells the story of one of the USA’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. It blends hip hop, operetta, rap, jazz and pop in an exuberant and contemporary retelling of American history. The show has already won several critics’ awards since its Broadway opening on August 6th 2015 and is predicted to win a host of Tony’s. Celebrity fans include President Obama and Stephen Sondheim, who described it as ‘a breakthrough.’

Hamilton was created by Lin-Manual Miranda, a 35-year-old actor and composer who wrote the music, lyrics and book, and currently plays the lead role. His previous musical, In the Heights, was also highly acclaimed and he was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship ‘Genius Grant’ in 2015. Miranda was inspired to create the show after reading a biography of Alexander Hamilton written by historian Ron Chernow, who became a historical consultant for the musical.

The cast of mainly black and Hispanic actors portrays Hamilton’s rise from a poverty-stricken orphan in the Caribbean to a key player in the American Revolution and his subsequent involvement in the founding of the United States with a role as the first Secretary of the Treasury. It includes his turbulent relationship with political rival, Aaron Burr, which culminated in a fatal duel and his romance with two sisters, one of whom he married. Other famous figures from American history have major roles in the musical, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and George III.

There is little dialogue in Hamilton and the plot is driven by the show’s 66 songs. The use of fast-paced rap means that the 2.5-hour long show is able to pack in over 20,000 words. The fastest piece of rap, in the song ‘Guns and Ships,’ reaches a speed of an amazing 6.3 words per second. The first act opens with the song ‘Alexander Hamilton,’ which describes Hamilton’s early life in the Caribbean. This was written some time before the full musical and was first performed to Barack Obama at the White House in 2009.

Hamilton first played off-Broadway at the Public Theater, where it debuted in February 2015 and had a sellout run. It moved to the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway in August 2015, where it remains. A separate production is due to open in Chicago in September 2016. The show is consistently sold out and tickets are in extremely high demand.

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