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The History of Tickets for Concerts

Concerts have long since been a favorite past time for the public. Although many people may associate concerts with the grandiose, high profile performances put on by today's popular artistes, they began life as a very different affair altogether.

The term 'concert' is wide ranging and can mean a variety of things. It can entail anything from a private performance in a home, to an appearance in front of tens of thousands in a public setting. But the first concerts date back over 2000 years to pre-Christian Greek civilization. Performances of famous Greek plays by playwrights such as Euripides, Epicharmus and Homer would be held in public in festivals such as the Athens based Dionysa, where thousands would flock to see comedies and tragedies in an outdoor, free for all setting. It is amazing to think that the first concerts of this very progressive type were happening as early as 700 BC.

In later empires, particularly the Roman Empire of a few centuries later, plays and concerts were largely adapted by playwrights such as Seneca and Platus from ancient Greek dramatic works, and at this point, the lure of lower key private concerts came into play for the higher and ruling classes of the Roman Empire. Whilst plays and concerts were generally free for the masses to attend, Emperors and high level government officials would hold opulent parties where one off, private concerts would be the focal point, solidifying concerts as a 'party piece' of sorts.

It's important to note that this dedication of music and drama to the public domain remained largely in place for centuries. In all cultures around the world, the public had free, unrestricted access to concerts and plays on a regular basis; this was their escape from the real world in a time where the media simply did not exist.

As industry developed, later centuries saw the construction of large, grand opera halls in the USA; wooden buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries gave way to structures such as Carnegie Hall in New York, built in 1891 to host concerts exclusively. By the turn of the 20th century, concerts had well and truly become a grand affair; with this, the advent of paid events became an attraction to those with disposable income. Free concerts would still be held in many communities, but orchestral concerts and large scale affairs were reserved largely or those who could afford to watch them.

It was not until the 1930s, to the middle of the century, where the concept of the modern day 'pop concert' came to be in existence. Radio and later TV, as well as faster and safer travel, meant that artistes could now travel the length and breadth of the globe performing concerts, whereas previously their fans would have had to be content with a recital by someone else. And so, the concerts wee see today were born from this boom in media and culture. Advancements in technology meant that by the 1970s, pop concerts were large, over the top theatrical affairs aimed at creating an assault on all of the fans' senses.

In today's modern concert setting, it is now as much about the experience as the music or drama being shown. Concerts have been solidified in culture as a social function as much as a showcase of the artiste's work, with concert tickets being as popular a purchase today as ever!.


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How to find cheap concert tickets for sale to buy online?

With so many places to buy tickets online it’s often difficult to know where to shop. Normally the cheapest concert tickets can be found via secondary marketplaces such as ours, due to the fact that there is so much competition with everyone trying to offer the best deal. There are also comparison websites that you could check out before making your decision.

How to find cheap tix for country concerts?

Again, if you’re looking for tickets to country music concerts (or any other concert, for that matter) then your best is to checkout our website, as we will be among the most competitively priced.

How to find tickets for upcoming concerts near me this weekend?

You could checkout websites such as Billboard or Rolling Stone to see what’s happening at the moment, along with local news websites in your area.

Alternatively you could do a google search for something like “what concert tickets go on sale today”, “what concert tickets went on sale today”, “what concert tickets go on sale tomorrow”, or “what concert tickets go on sale soon”.

This approach will normally work well as google will know your location via your IP address, and as such will provide you with fairly localized results. You could also add your town or city to the end of the search query, but it may not always be necessary.

Are discount concert tickets taxed and how much tax do they have?

When you buy a concert ticket you will normally just pay the service and delivery fees. The tax will normally have already been added to the wholesale price of the ticket(s), with the amount of tax charged varying from state to state.

After you buy concert tickets can they be resold?

Yes, there’s no reason why you can’t buy tickets and then resell them on a ticket brokerage site such as ours. In fact, there’s a multi-billion dollar industry devoted to doing exactly that.

Do concert tickets have your name on them and are they transferable?

No, in most cases concert tickets won’t normally have your name on them, so you could, in theory give them to someone else.

Can concert tickets be returned for refund?

It may be possible to get your concert tickets refunded, but it will depend on the individual vendor as to whether they are returnable. Due to the fact that we are a resale marketplace, in our case all sales are final. However, we do offer a generous 100% money back guarantee if they don’t arrive on time for the show.

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